Promotional Photography for City of Sanctuary, Sheffield

It’s been a very busy couple of months for me but in-between dashing here there and everywhere I have been popping into the Sheffield office of City of Sanctuary to capture the day to day activities for their promotional use.  They provide asylum seekers and refugee’s a safe place where advice and support can be gained.  

On the days I met up with them skills were being shared in a sewing club, on the computers and job advice was being given.  I also met Rodrigo at Hallam University when he was giving a talk to the volunteering group and photographed the Refugee and Migrant Forum which is a monthly meeting for anyone working with asylum seekers, refugees & migrants.

The full extent of what they achieve week in week out is not completely represented here so I’ve many more days of discovery with them as I plot the important work they do in the upcoming weeks.

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