Edale Country Day 2017

Promotional photography

Edale Country Day is by far one of the most fun packed days here in the Valley for families.  With all of the profits benefitting the village school and village hall, the support from the sponsors, volunteers and organisers is hugely appreciated by the whole village.  The village folk unite to put on this unique country show and we have visitors form far and wide enjoying themselves!

I too have a role in the organising of this event as the sponsors and raffle coordinator:)  So, I negotiate and round up all the prizes and donations which brings in mighty profits.  I’m also a sponsor; over the years, I have put family portrait shoots up to auction and I have provided photographs of the event for their website. This year I offered my services to a fabulous vintage vocal harmony group called  Lah Di Dah.  They needed some promotional photographs and we needed to keep our costs down so its was a win win skills swap situation - Don’t you just love that?!!  Their songs brought extra rays of sunshine to the day and I would highly recommend them at any event to entertain the crowds!

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