1. Chatsworth House and Garden

    20 Sep 2015
    What a tremendous surprise! Grayson Perry was invited to give a talk at an arts festival at Chatsworth.  Afterwards I couldn’t resist popping into the Dalia Gardens, they’re as beautifully flamboyant as Grayson…….

  2. Upper Booth Horses

    11 Sep 2015
    Alice at Upper Booth Farm was keen to get some portraits with her horses.  I really enjoyed the challenge!

  3. Heather walk up to the Ringing Roger, Edale

    03 Sep 2015
    Another gorgeous day to photograph the landscape and holiday makers up on the moor.  The heather is a wonderful back drop to stunning portraits from mid August till mid September.

  4. Holiday Shoot in Grindsbrook, Edale

    21 Aug 2015
    Bit of a rainy day but let that not get in the way of some bilberry picking time - delicious hot muffins to look forward to!

  5. Des Portrait

    18 Aug 2015
    Des Behari and I did a skills swap.  He is a very talented Graphic Designer based in Manchester and the creator of  my logo.  Today, I have finally given him my part of the deal!  His portrait.

  6. Wales

    11 Aug 2015
    We had a little holiday in Wales.  A rainy day at the Ty Coch Inn is where I tried out my new Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM lens - oh what a lovely lens it is!

  7. Poetry Workshop about Cotton Mill Girls

    04 Aug 2015
    Emma Hunter, an artist based in London, commissioned me to photograph another workshop.  This time working with Oldham’s poet Cathy Crabb and local ladies who could share their memories and experiences of working in the Cotton Mill for a written word based sculpture.

  8. Malham Cove

    14 Jul 2015
    Away for the weekend.  Keen to explore more of the Pennine Way and the stunning landscapes of Yorkshire.  Hills, walking and walls, my kind of break!

  9. Colours of Lee Farm

    23 Jun 2015
    After a long bleak winter, finally we have COLOUR!! It’s been quite a challenge creating colour in the garden; getting used to the high elevation, where few plants survive. If it’s not the weather, it’s the wildlife and live stock rampaging the garden who I battle with but this year…

  10. Helmshore Mill

    22 Jun 2015
    Artist Emma Hunter is being commissioned by British Land to create pieces of public art for the Elk Mill Retail Park in Oldham.  I joined her to photograph the workshop she lead with Yr 9 students from The Oldham Academy North.  The abstract drawings inspired by their trip to Helmshore…

  11. The Roaches

    31 May 2015
    Driving back from a weekend with my family, I was arrested by The Roaches above Leek in the Peak District looking the best I’ve ever seen.  It was late, as the boys roused from their slumber, I had to apologise and insisted that these were photographs not to be missed…

  12. Cow Parsley Portrait

    18 May 2015
    I love this drive way in Barber Booth when the cow parsley is at it’s prime. In the end we persuaded the teen siblings to join us.

  13. Into the mist

    21 Apr 2015
    Ben Owen an artist, musician and friend needed some video footage of on top of Kinder so sent me up there! heading for that cloud in that cloud!

  14. Grindsbrook Barn

    20 Apr 2015
    I was commissioned to take the interior shot’s for the website of this very enchanting little barn in Grindslow, Edale.  It is available to book for a holiday.

  15. Upper Booth Landscapes

    24 Mar 2015
    Moody skys, intermittent sunlight casting shapes and shadows over the hills where belted galloways’ graze.  Perfect conditions for a walk behind our house.

  16. Snow in Upper Booth

    02 Feb 2015
    What a spectacular morning!  Mist rolling, tumbling even, down the hill sides.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Driving around the Booths of Edale and up over Mam Tor to Castleton.

  17. Mole Catching

    14 Oct 2014
    Trundling along in the car on a beautiful autumnal morning from Bradwell in the Peak District to Tideswell we passed a rather unusual sight.  Hanging moles on a barbed wire fence.  This is a tradition from the Victorian era in order for the game keeper to get the correct payment…

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