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  1. When the snow comes down on the Wool Pack

    15 Feb 2016

    You can never tell what’s going to become of the weather once you are on top of Kinder.  Luckily we love the spontaneous adventures it brings!  Getting caught in a snow blizzard made the walk even more exciting as the boys battled on pretending they were contenders in the Spine…

  2. The Detail is in the Lichen

    18 Nov 2015

    I’ve very kindly been lent a Canon 100mm macro lens and this morning I went out to capture the finer details in nature.  I’ve always been fascinated by the weird and wonderful ways in which moss and lichen grow.  Their structures and colours are very different to usual landscapes and…

  3. Half Term Activities

    28 Oct 2015

    The boys and I escaped for some adventures and quiet times in Shrewsbury.

  4. Dog Sitting

    02 Oct 2015

    I don’t have a dog but really should as it would force me out on beautiful days like today.  What a morning to capture the changing seasons.

  5. Walking up Jacobs Ladder

    30 Sep 2015

    There seems to a recurring thread to the days I like to photograph my local landscape.  Well it’s foggy again, the light is shifting swiftly over the hills and they’re looking truly emarkable.  

  6. Chatsworth House and Garden

    20 Sep 2015

    What a tremendous surprise! Grayson Perry was invited to give a talk at an arts festival at Chatsworth.  Afterwards I couldn’t resist popping into the Dalia Gardens, they’re as beautifully flamboyant as Grayson…….

  7. Wales

    11 Aug 2015

    We had a little holiday in Wales.  A rainy day at the Ty Coch Inn is where I tried out my new Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM lens - oh what a lovely lens it is!

  8. Colours of Lee Farm

    23 Jun 2015

    After a long bleak winter, finally we have COLOUR!! It’s been quite a challenge creating colour in the garden; getting used to the high elevation, where few plants survive. If it’s not the weather, it’s the wildlife and live stock rampaging the garden who I battle with but this year…

  9. Into the mist

    21 Apr 2015

    Ben Owen an artist, musician and friend needed some video footage of on top of Kinder so sent me up there! heading for that cloud in that cloud!

  10. Snow in Upper Booth

    02 Feb 2015

    What a spectacular morning!  Mist rolling, tumbling even, down the hill sides.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Driving around the Booths of Edale and up over Mam Tor to Castleton.

  11. Mole Catching

    14 Oct 2014

    Trundling along in the car on a beautiful autumnal morning from Bradwell in the Peak District to Tideswell we passed a rather unusual sight.  Hanging moles on a barbed wire fence.  This is a tradition from the Victorian era in order for the game keeper to get the correct payment…

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