Wool Pack Lockdown Walk

I love going up to the wool pack to see if there are more shots for the WINDSCAPE project. Husband and youngest son joined me; whilst we were up there with the air so still  - it was just us and gritstone, we were aware that everything that surrounded us is a myriad of effects - especially the effects of pure nature, we considered how this special place affects our well being, our senses and our thoughts. 

This time I tried extracting some gritstones to surfaces and shadows to free them from the competition of the whole scene, I’ll let Kathy be the judge as to whether they inspire her poetry.

We came down below Edale Rocks following our noses and sheep trails rather than the footpath - we wouldn’t usually venture from the footpaths but figured this was ok during lockdown whilst no one else is here and livestock wasn’t grazing.  It was so refreshing seeing the land from new angles, especially all the paths joining at the pack horse bridge at the bottom as Jacob’s ladder.


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