Professional, creative profile portraits.

Please contact me to discuss your ideas about where to shoot your profile picture. I love to use natural lighting and I have a knack of putting you at ease!

I charge £60 an hour of shooting time and this price includes all post production editing and 3 high resolution digital images.

Client's comment..."Oh Lisa, thank you. They are really wonderful. I feel like they're the first and only photos I've ever had that look like me, and where I don't look terrified. It feels like you got me and understood me and I appreciate that more than you could ever know.  Thank you so so much for your sanity and patience.”

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Natural Family Photo Shoots

Take your pick from the following ideas of different styles of photo shoots:

A 2 hour Welly Walk - More of an adventure than a photoshoot!

Expect the unexpected! Wet wellies, mucky clothes and possibly skeletons as we explore the great outdoors. When engaged in having fun and enjoying yourselves, the camera is soon forgotten enabling me to capture natural emotions full of personality. 

The stunning Peak District landscape offers endless beautiful backdrops for magical photographs of everyone together.

How does it work? Simply get in touch and allow me to accompany you on your walk; you wander and I snap, you stop to play and I snap.  It works well when you're just doing your normal family thing and I happen to be in the right place at the right time to capture the interactions.  You may feel like you are on show a little bit or that its a bit of a performance and to be truthful there does have to be an element of that in order for the emotions to flow but I can assure you that you will not feel awkward as I'm very good at putting you all at ease so the whole process feels very natural.

Late notice can be given for bookings as well as advice on my favourite paths and times of year.

Client's comments..."Brilliant - all completely brilliant. Can't thank you enough. The first one made us well up!"

On holiday - How to alleviate the stress of taking perfect holiday snaps!

You could be gathered together to mark a big birthday celebration or on a family holiday here in the Peak District. I can join you for several short periods throughout your stay to capture all the key moments: a group shot, a picnic, an activity or I can take you on a popular 2 hour Welly Walk. This is a bespoke option where the possibilities are endless - just ask!

Client's comments..."Lisa you're a fab photographer with amazing skills in capturing and manipulating an image using your surroundings and subjects ....naturally!!"

At home or a special place.

Memories of the ordinary can be more easily forgotten than a celebration, so you will find that a set of candid photographs depicting the everyday where you and your family are being yourselves at home will become, with time, very special.  

Sessions last 2 hours but please do contact me if you would be interested in a "Day in the Life" shoot which lasts ALL day!

Please contact me for further information and to book a session

Client's comment..."Would highly recommend Lisa for professional family portraits. We have our images in pride of place around our house and have also given them as family gifts."

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Full Price List for Family Portraits

After the shoot, purchase one of the three packages, having viewed all the images in a private on-line gallery.

The River Collection

Your Top 10


* 10 High resolution images to download from the gallery

* One 10x8 professional laboratory print

The Valley Collection

Digital and Prints


* Around 100 high resolution images from your shoot on a Lisa Daniels Photography USB

* A set of five 10x8 professional laboratory prints

The Mountain Collection

Digital, Fine Art Album and Prints


* All high resolution images from your shoot on a Lisa Daniels Photography USB 

* A beautifully hand crafted fine art album containing 40 of your favourite images

* A set of five 10x8 professional laboratory prints

Certain images deserve to be displayed as beautifully as possible on the wall, along with these collections I also offer my clients hand made frames from £50

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Frequent Questions & Answers

What does the price include? It includes your 2 hour photo shoot, a pre-planning phone call or email to discuss your location and clothing options, the meticulous editing of all your images and access to a private password protected gallery.  There is a £50 booking fee, to be paid in advance to secure your date and this is deducted from the "package price".

If your chosen location is beyond 20 miles of Edale an extra 45p a mile is charged.

Is the fee transferable?  Yes, the session fee is transferable,  there will be no extra cost if the shoot needs to be postponed due to poor weather or illness, I only ask that you give as much notice as possible.

Whilst every effort is made to make the family feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible, I also appreciate that not every day is a good day for our children so if the shoot is hampered by a tantrum, I am happy to stop and reschedule. I do not want you to look back on the photos and think "oh poor love, he was so ill that day".

What happens if it's raining?  We pencil in a few days so that we can be sure for a window of fine weather; I keep a close eye on the weather forecast and we make our decisions close to the suggested dates when forecast is more accurate.  On occasions when the time and dates are not flexible we may need to change locations or in the past I have gone ahead with scheduled time even if the weather is being a bit drizzly.  No matter the weather, we still have fun!!

When is the best time of day?  We chose a time which suits your child's routine, bearing in mind that times for the best light are early in the morning or late afternoon.   The midday sun creates harsh shadows so best avoided.

Is there a limit to the number of people in our  group?  No, there is not a limit, I am used to shooting extended families of 14 people however, I would say that it's easier for you to stay in a group so that many of your photos have ALL of you in them, if the group is smaller.  There becomes more direction from me if there are uncles, aunts and cousins around which breaks the natural flow of the action so the shots become more staged.  Around 6 max is a good ballpark figure for more natural interactions.

When can we see the photographs?  I aim for your images to be in a password protected gallery within 2 weeks of your shoot.

The password protected gallery is online for 3 weeks, please ensure your order is made and paid for in this time otherwise a hosting charge will be incurred.

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