Christmas Family Reunion

When the client is only in the country for a few days and there is no negotiation on the day they book their photoshoot for, you just have to get on with it what ever the weather!

I loved how this family embraced the moment, ignored the light drizzle and had a lot of fun larking around together.

Anyway, its refreshing to be reminded of the British rain when you live in Dubai! 

City of Sanctuary

It’s been a very busy couple of months for me but in-between dashing here there and everywhere I have been popping into the Sheffield office of City of Sanctuary to capture the day to day activities for their promotional use.  They provide asylum seekers and refugee’s a safe place where advice and support can be gained.  

On the days I met up with them skills were being shared in a sewing club, on the computers and job advice was being given.  I also met Rodrigo at Hallam University when he was giving a talk to the volunteering group and photographed the Refugee and Migrant Forum which is a monthly meeting for anyone working with asylum seekers, refugees & migrants.

The full extent of what they achieve week in week out is not completely represented here so I’ve many more days of discovery with them as I plot the important work they do in the upcoming weeks.

The family hikes to Chinley

We do love a hike where there is a pint of beer and delicious food at the end of it and the Old Hall in Chinley is exactly the ticket.  My husband and I usually do this walk to celebrate our wedding anniversary as its so easy to have have several beers and then catch the train home but this year we thought the boys aught to join us.  It’s a 4ish hour walk from our home in Edale depending on how much time is spent exploring away from the path which the boys did a lot of but it was not too long for our lot, they loved it!  

Interior Photography

Finishing off the gallery today for a family who would like their home to be featured in films and tv.  Film and Tv location agencies like to be taken on a visual tour of your home with photographs from all four corners of the rooms and details of interesting features.  

We had an enormous task with trying to condense the photographs I took into an gallery of just 80 photographs because this 17th century, grade 1 listed Hall is absolutely beautiful with sooo much interest.

Here are just a few of my favourite shots of the shoot not necessarily the ones suitable for the agencies!   

Holiday Photographs

Thorpeness - Suffolk is an old haunt of my Father’s as a young lad and for the past two years we have had our Daniels Holiday here having not done so in 30 years.  Reassuringly it hasn’t changed much so we find ourselves bringing the magic to having a holiday here for our children like our parents did for us.  

Ordinarily, Thorpness is all about the Meare, a fantastic boating lake with a Peter Pan theme, you dart about from island to island in small to large rowing boats, kayaks or if you’re really adventurous punts!  But this year, what with the weather being so incredible, we had several days on the beach.  

How to Pickle

Very simply, I was asked to “pickle” my client’s little girl on her last day of nursery school :)

If you have a glut of details you wish to put in a jar and save for eternity - the school dress, tired shoes, the perpetually growing faces, hands and hair, all can truly be pickled in a photograph.

They are really wonderful - you are such a huge talent.  I can’t thank you enough.  I love them all.  The one of Ava walking away brings a tear to my eye already and it was only yesterday?!?!
Thank you”

Profile Photographs

It was time for Camilla (aka butterscotch) to bite the bullet and get some portraits taken.  Being very apprehensive in front of the camera she was not looking forward to this at all!   But, the proof is in the pudding and when you relax and take your time, you really can create some gorgeous shots.  It was a very rewarding collaboration!

“Oh Lisa, thank you. They are really wonderful. I feel like they’re the first and only photos I’ve ever had that look like me, and where I don’t look terrified. It feels like you got me and understood me and I appreciate that more than you could ever know.  Thank you so so much for your sanity and patience.”

Camilla Westergaard based in Sheffield emanates style, she is a maker, printer and designer - especially of interiors.

With a life long love for craft, she helps British makers get their work seen all around the world being the content editor at Folksy

Camping in Upper Booth

Camping at Upper Booth Farm is always a fantastic rural experience and I was delighted to be a part of this for a gorgeous family from London. 

Our adventures began with finding insects along the blue bell clad Crowden Brook until we came to the little waterfall for a splash and a paddle.  We meandered our way back to the campsite - singing all the way in the soft late light where they began the preparations for their supper.

Such a perfect way to spend a sunny bank holiday. 

Birthday picnic with the grandchildren

A popular Birthday treat is a gathering of lots of loved ones and inviting a photographer to capture the love and happiness of the event - this was certainly this!

A beautiful sunny afternoon in the grounds of Chatsworth was a perfect setting for a picnic and games.  I quietly snapped away giving the family enough space to enjoy themselves without having to be too conscious of a stranger amongst their midsts!

Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Family get-togethers, for what ever reason, are amongst some of life’s most precious times especially when you travel from all corners of the globe.  This gathering, was no exception - the weather may have been a little dour given the time of year but the atmosphere was not!  

Burrs Farm, a self catering house in the village of Chelmorton, was full of fun and happiness inside and out.  Whilst the family enjoyed games of footballgolf and swingball, stroking the horses and basking in the hot tub, I photographed them with as little interruptions as possible to capture the nuances of their celebration as it unfolded.  

The Edale Church Wedding

Its a village affair!

I am proud to be included in the list of “talented” people when it comes to pulling off a village wedding!!

Drawing on the skills of many residents in Edale we had ourselves a celebration to remember - our village boasts a Priest, church choir, organist, flower arrangers, caterers and astonishing cake builders, drivers of vintage cars and tractor and trailer - obviously to transport the children from the church to the village hall!  The village hall was transformed from a banqueting hall into a disco with live music in the evening.  It’s amazing to realise how local and truly successful an Edale wedding can be! Congratulations Phil and Naomi and thank you for a fantastic day!!  

Guests who have been given the password can view the gallery by following this link.

Autumnal Equine Shoot

On a beautiful afternoon a few weeks ago, when autumn was drawing to an end,  I photographed Saskia and Alice with their naughty horses.  This photoshoot was given to them as a present as their friend was leaving their stables - what a thoughtful present!!  I love the warm light enriching the landscape and creeping into the lens.   As their stable is down a private track in the village of Hope, I also really enjoyed approaching Mam Tor from an angle which I’m not used to seeing it and having it as the back drop :)

Family shoot in the great outdoors

Edale in the Peak District National Park is full of lovely little walks, big walks and is the start of a very big walk!  I love bringing families to Grindsbrook for photoshoots when the heather is in abundance; the colours and textures make for an amazing backdrop and the children always find a lot of fun and adventure bounding around the clough.  

Needless to say that Katie, Mia, Oli and I had a wonderful afternoon - there were so many great shots it was so hard to choose the 20 which is my blog’s limit.

Edale Country Day 2017

Promotional photography

Edale Country Day is by far one of the most fun packed days here in the Valley for families.  With all of the profits benefitting the village school and village hall, the support from the sponsors, volunteers and organisers is hugely appreciated by the whole village.  The village folk unite to put on this unique country show and we have visitors form far and wide enjoying themselves!

I too have a role in the organising of this event as the sponsors and raffle coordinator:)  So, I negotiate and round up all the prizes and donations which brings in mighty profits.  I’m also a sponsor; over the years, I have put family portrait shoots up to auction and I have provided photographs of the event for their website. This year I offered my services to a fabulous vintage vocal harmony group called  Lah Di Dah.  They needed some promotional photographs and we needed to keep our costs down so its was a win win skills swap situation - Don’t you just love that?!!  Their songs brought extra rays of sunshine to the day and I would highly recommend them at any event to entertain the crowds!

70th Birthday Celebrations

Family Portrait shoot in the Peak District. 

Had a super morning with 3 generations celebrating a 70th Birthday. We walked up to “Robin Hood’s Stride” nr Matlock which was a perfect place for the children to have a rampage and test their parent’s nerves by seeing how high they could climb on the rocks and in the trees!

Product Photography

Northend Creative Print Solutions

Being a bit of a stationary and print process geek, it was just up my street to be given a behind the scenes tour at Northend Creative Print Solutions in Sheffield. They commissioned me to photograph the factory and a selection of products for their upcoming website re-vamp.

I created an in house studio to shoot some products on the Director’s leather desk, and took others to a photographic studio with an infinity table.  But it was whilst weaving my way through the machinery that it became apparent to me that an interesting way to portray the calibre of their products would be to get some logo’s and products placed within the making process and machinery.

Otter Tots, Bakewell

Otter Tots provide swimming lessons for pre-school aged children in Bakewell; they are in the process of re-designing their website. I was so impressed by the standard of teaching whilst I was busy taking photographs, I wish my children had been taught here, my youngest might even be a confident swimmer by now if he had!  Here are a selection of photographs of the first shoot, I’ll be popping back to get more images from other groups soon.

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