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As a child I used to stare at strangers a lot, my mum thought I was being very rude and nearly refused to take me out with her but I've since realised - I should have told her ”I'm not staring, I'm observing, I want to be a photographer when I grow up!” 

I’m fascinated by people’s interactions, I get completely absorbed in my surroundings and finding beauty in the details.  It’s no wonder I honed my quiet skills of staring into a career of creating behind a lens.  

So how did I become a photographer?...

A Fine Art degree was a time of experimentation, the camera was a tool for my conceptual ideas.  On graduating, I produced a sequence of award winning large-format panoramic photographs which were exhibited in prestigious galleries across the UK and in Europe.

Art school taught me to be different, embrace being self critical and to always make work to the best of my ability and never stop learning.

My creative skills were nurtured during my degree but it was working at Police Head Quarters as a Photography Technician where my technical skills were accelerated to professional.  Working along side the Scenes Of Crime Officers I trained them with photographic equipment and I printed their scene photographs.

I became restless in my 9-5 job so after 5 years I packed my bag and spent two years traveling around the world.  Living on next to nothing, getting little jobs here and there and exploring many continents with my soon to be husband were enriching years.

Frequently breaking down in our dear old van (pictured!) whilst in New Zealand and being rescued by the most heart warming individuals taught me to be open minded, welcoming and trustworthy.  

My husband and I had our honeymoon before our wedding day, he proposed to me with a ring he made from bamboo in rural Guatemala.  Eventually we came home to have a baby and we moved from Bristol to settle in the Peak District in 2008.  Here we are bringing up two teenage boys whose love for nature and adrenalin go hand in hand.  Long walks with our gorgeous whippet and returning to a nutritious home cooked meal is our ideal Sunday.  I love nothing more than spending time with my family.  Jeez, I'm so sentimental!

I love gardening and don’t care too much for wearing gloves so don’t be put off if you spot I have dirty finger nails - removing nails of soil is easier said than done :)

Considering which career path to take ten years ago, I decided to follow my heart, so tapping into my photography skills to create Lisa Daniels Photography was my only option.

Today, I'm forever watching light, fascinated by how it transforms interior and exterior spaces into evocative imagery.  Quietly and confidently I construct strong, artful compositions covering many complimentary genres: 

Portraits - Families - Weddings 

 Architecture - Interiors - Landscape Architecture 

I like to go off the beaten track physically and metaphorically - I don’t seem to be able to take conventional routes and find unusual adventures along the way.  This has put me in good stead when meeting the unexpected and forcing me to think quickly to problem solve in any situation.  Being a photographer has proved to me that all these qualities are what makes me me, attentive, creative and above all I have a desire to deliver to the best of my ability, I certainly don’t cut any corners when it comes to being a provider and deliverer of love......

.....Because I am also a carer.

My mother was diagnosed with emphysema, it has demobilised her slowly, gradually and painfully until now she just manages to walk a couple of tiny steps. 

Being her carer requires compassion, patience and organisation by the bucket full ensuring that all her daily personal needs are within arms reach, different objects at different times of the day.

I was prompted to write about my personal life for the first time when I realised that recently photography has taken on a new role in my life - from a career to a saviour, it has become a form of expression and escapism, it recharges me.  

The article can be found in issue 8 of Hope Valley Journal

Ultimately, it gives me enormous pleasure to be the creator of beautiful photographs, to harness your special times and places. 

I cover the Peak District, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and beyond.  I love to travel so no job is too far.   I'm prepared for surprises.

ohh.......and did I also mention that I teach digital and analogue photography workshops to fine art students at Sheffield Hallam University?  Well I do!  I love learning and sharing my knowledge.

I look forward to hearing more about you

   " is frozen motion, time is holding its breath for an instant - and for eternity.  That is what I am after"
  -  Andrew Wyeth

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