WINDSCAPES: A landscape in images and words

by photographer Lisa Daniels and poet Katharine Towers 

Windscapes is a collaboration between photographer Lisa Daniels and poet Katharine Towers. Both artists live and work in the Peak District and in this project are collaborating to respond to the unique rock formations on the Kinder plateau above Edale known as ‘The Woolpacks’.  

The Woolpacks are an outcrop of gritstone rocks which have been weathered over millions of years into extraordinary and dramatic shapes. The name derives from the old packhorse trail over the top of Kinder; packhorse drovers or ‘jaggers’ would carry huge bundles of wool over the Kinder plateau from Sheffield to the mills of Manchester.

These pieces of art are handmade in a quiet village in the Peak District. The prints are  beautifully mounted in a floating frame by a local professional and have been produced in limited editions.  Each comes with a certificate of authenticity which is registered online to guarantee the security and genuineness of the art work.  They can be bought as a set or individually and only come framed.  They have been successfully posted throughout the UK.

Print size A3 x 2 

Frame size 18” x 26” approx 

Limited edition of 20 

Price £315 

Print size A4 x 2 

Frame size 19” x 14” approx 

Limited edition of 50 

Price £215 

01.  Marriage

Lean against me, dear.

Let’s stand and look across 

the far-off ups and downs.  

Grass will come and go.

Winds will throw the winter 

birds about the sky.

We’ll stand and look. 

There’s time. 

02.  Prenology

When I think it is as an old man.

I think of death and grass.

I sing the saddest longest song.

I sing of cold and sky and paths.

I house the turnings of the wind.

Ice and frost have crossed my heart.

Yes, I’m old and tired and lost.

My mind is grit and rain and dark.

03.  The Stone Urn

grouse backchat bracken crack

rasp of grass in wind’s wet whiplash

who is it listens who keeps

remembrance of the old 

time Kinder’s adamantine 

long-time slow-time deep-time soul

They are currently on show in Edale at our super rail-side cafe The Penny Pot.  

If you would like further information or to place an order please do contact us

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