Cuddling!  Laughing!  Squealing!  Chasing!  Jumping!

The hallmark of life is change - lets work together to freeze tender moments between you and your loved ones.

We're not looking for perfection, instead we focus on how to tell your visual story in your favourite surroundings

This Photoshoot is all about You!

Have YOU ever had that feeling that time is slipping past so fast and that you want to "PICKLE" your children?  Well, a friend of mine did - literally her words!  She asked me to capture their chubby cuteness so that this moment would be PRESERVED forever.

Do YOU love taking photos but occasionally wish YOU were in them?  I know your children wish you were in them and they will absolutely love that you have treated them with this gift - to receive a set of photographs bursting with sparkling connections, expressing the AFFECTION seen in your EYES whilst you are CUDDLING and PLAYING with them I can guarantee will  be treasured.

Are YOU WORRIED your house isn't NEAT enough?  That you haven't lost the baby weight?  Oh come on - DON'T be like that!! Truth is, there is no perfect time so perhaps we can change that to ANYTIME is the PERFECT time because you are going to be your authentic selves!  The world is an interesting place because we are all so different.  The fear could be that the photos will look like a series of messy snap shots without styling, let me assure you now that these photos aren't about how you look they show you how it FEELS to be in your family.

Have YOU tried to PRINT from a mobile PHONE and been DISAPPOINTED?  I certainly have.  Or worst still those favourite photographs are still on your phone with the INTENTION to PRINT?  Your life is BUSY, your time is PRECIOUS, I get that!  

Let me take control and get your favourite portraits professionally PRINTED and FRAMED so that they are on display for you all to smile at every single day and bring you  JOY.  

Full Price List for Family Portraits

My family portrait sessions are very easy going.  They usually last around 2 hours and can take place at your home or your favourite location. Many of my clients chose to come to where I live in Edale especially for the popular Welly Walk Shoot but there are plenty of gorgeous places I can also recommend.

Session Price £75.   

It includes your 2 hour photo shoot. 

A pre-planning phone call or email to discuss your location and clothing options,  I also like to find out about your expectations for the shoot as well as what makes your family tick - the information you share about you and your children helps me to set the right tone for our time together.  

Then the meticulous editing of all your images and access to a private password protected gallery.  

Additional advice might be needed afterwards about choosing which images to select and how best to display them so we can arrange another call.

The session price is paid in advance to secure your booking and it does NOT include any art works, printed or digital.

After the shoot, view all the images in a private on-line gallery and choose one of the three packages:

The River Collection

Your Top 10


* 10 High resolution images to download from the gallery

* One 5x7 inch professional laboratory print, matted and ready to frame

The Valley Collection

Digital and Folio


* Around 40 High resolution images to download from the gallery

* A 6x6 inch Trio Linen Folio 

The Mountain Collection

Digital and Print


* All High resolution images to download from the gallery (min 80)

*Five 5x7 inch professional laboratory prints, matted and ready to frame

All three packages can be upgraded with additional purchases in the gallery shop.  I wholeheartedly recommend and encourage your digital files to come alive in an ALBUM and FRAMES because your documented visual story continues to become of great interest to the generations who follow.  I find it fascinating looking into the past through our family albums, seeing how fashions have changed and gathering an understanding of who my ancestors were and how they lived.  More importantly, I love sitting quietly with my parents and grandparents, a cup of tea listening as they turn pages and reminisce, those moments are so special, I hope you think so too.   

Framed prints can be purchased in addition to a collection. 

Prices start at £60

Presentation cases are the perfect way to showcase your three favourite photographs.  They can be stood on end for display.

These cute 6x6 inch Trio Linen Folios are in the Valley Collection or additionally with the other collections

Albums beautifully handmade in Yorkshire, printed on high end matte fine art paper can be purchased alongside a collection. 

Prices start at £400 and meet the highest standards

Ready to Book?

Frequent Questions & Answers

What does the £75 session price include? It includes your 2 hour photo shoot, a pre-planning phone call or email to discuss your location and clothing options, the meticulous editing of all your images and access to a private password protected gallery.  Additional advice might be needed about choosing which images to print and how best to display them.  The session price is paid in advance to secure your booking.

If your chosen location is beyond 20 miles of Edale an extra 45p a mile is charged.

Do you offer different pricing structures?  If you are a large group sometimes these collections don't meet your requirements, we can discuss your needs and I'll come up with a bespoke collection for you.

Is there a limit to the number of people in our group?  No, there isn't, I am used to shooting extended families of 14 people however, I would say that it's easier for you if the group is smaller if you're wanting unposed photos of ALL of you.  There becomes more direction from me if there are uncles, aunts and cousins around which breaks the natural flow of the action so the shots become more staged.  Around 5 max is a good ballpark figure for more natural interactions.  There is an additional fee of £15 per person above a group of 5, however grandparents come free!

What happens if it's raining?  We pencil in a few days so that we can be sure for a window of fine weather; I keep a close eye on the weather forecast and we make our decisions close to the suggested dates when forecast is more accurate.  On occasions when the time and dates are not flexible we may need to change locations or in the past I have gone ahead with scheduled time even if the weather is being a bit drizzly.  No matter the weather, we still have fun!!

When is the best time of day for a photoshoot?  We chose a time which suits your child's routine, bearing in mind that times for the best light are early in the morning or late afternoon.   The midday sun creates harsh shadows so best avoided.

What if my child doesn't smile or is non cooperative?  Your child might not smile for the whole time, this is normal.  What is normal is that for the majority of the time your child is not just smiling but laughing too!  I have volunteered for many years with after school clubs and forest schools and have developed silly tricks to keep children on my side.  Moments of grumpiness are short lived and we're soon back on track  - leave it to me, I have never failed to bring a child out of the doldrums.  But also remember all emotions are real and all emotions can be captured!

When can we see the photographs?  I aim for your images to be in a password protected gallery within 2 weeks of your shoot.  The password protected gallery is online for 3 weeks, please ensure your order is made and paid for in this time otherwise a hosting charge will be incurred.

Can we opt out of having our photographs published on your website and social media channels for your marketing purposes?  Indeed you can, just let me know.

Do you have gift vouchers?  Yes!  Just drop me an email.

Is the fee transferable?  Yes, the session fee is transferable,  there will be no extra cost if the shoot needs to be postponed due to poor weather or illness, I only ask that you give as much notice as possible.

Whilst every effort is made to make the family feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible, I also appreciate that not every day is a good day for our children so if the shoot is hampered by a major tantrum, I am happy to stop and reschedule. I do not want you to look back on the photos and think "oh poor love, he was so ill that day".

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