Feeling the LOVE at a Peak District Wedding

"WOW!! The photographs are fantastic.  We are so pleased with them and so many people want prints!"

"We are delighted that you were willing to take the photos for us, you seemed to be everywhere but also completely invisible - we think that you are magic?!"

"These are ace!  Thank you so much for being so quick getting them to us!"

Do you like relaxed and reportage style photographs?

Will there be hand-made finishing touches which give your wedding day it's uniqueness?

Would you like to feel confident that you'll be super comfortable being in front of the camera?

And would you like an experienced, creative and cheerful photographer with magic stealth abilities?

Have you said yes to all these questions?  Read on!

I adore photographing weddings, I just love the love and producing work which holds such positive emotional meaning to the people that commission it.  I can bring the excited atmosphere and all the fleeting moments to life in a beautiful set of photographs for generations to enjoy.  What's important to me is that you and your loved ones are able to be yourselves, making your wedding day the best day of your life.  Every wedding is different and every wedding deserves to be documented with love and respect.  It's a privilege to bring to you a perfect representation of your day with all the imperfections.

Here's how I approach some traditional proceedings of a wedding day

Preparations are a joy to capture candidly

Sneaking out and getting some groom photographs is always a blast!

Noticing the tensions as excitement slowly rises in anticipation

It's very hard holding back the tears in emotional ceremonies

Group shots can be as formal or informal as you wish.  During our planning stages we will assign a best friend with the pre-made list to help gather the relevant people at the relevant time to limit interruption

Giggles with the bridesmaids 

Glorious cakes

Secrets spilling during the speeches

After the first dance we say goodbye and you enjoy getting down to boogie with the people you cherish most in the world

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