Birthday Walk to Alport Castles

On my husband’s birthday we explored a new place for us.  Alport Castles.  This walk from Fairholmes car park at Ladybower Reservoir has it all.  Following the signs to Lockerbrook you see beech trees amongst the pines, encounter steep climbs, farm land and blustery moorland straights - not for the faint hearted, deciphering the views of the Hope Valley skyline all before you reach the incredible outcrop of gritstone know as Alport Castles.  It’s motte and bailey castle resemblance occurred as a result of a significant landslip many millions of years ago.  I found a lovely poem which sums it up nicely!

“Then the rocks finished my sentence -
Tall and architectural:
Their moat of grass
Their keep of clouds,
More intricate than any human fort.”

- Alport Castles, Helen Mort

can you spot Hope cement works?

Too windy to stand!!!


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